Gosh, it feels so good to be home!

Other than the jet lag, I always feel so happy after returning from a trip.

I love being home. Of course, there are the simple luxuries like my own bed and not having to battle a language barrier to get breakfast, but there is so much more to being home. Home is where I can truly be myself and I don’t have to be on alert. Everything works smoothly and I know exactly what to expect.

At home, there is ample space for happiness and hilarity.

The funny thing is, I still feel at home when we travel. It feels so natural to be exploring with Adam and living out of a tiny carry-on.

We never call it going on vacation, it’s a trip. Because we’re not vacating our lives. And because our travels rarely fit into the category of relaxing.

Even though our method of travel isn’t relaxing, our attitudes and teamwork play a big role in it feeling like a fun adventure versus a stressful or scary experience. And we practice being that way at home first.

If our everyday habit was to bite each other’s heads off at the first sign of stress, that is exactly what we’d do while learning to scuba dive in Thailand.

If our practiced mindset was to look for the negative, we’d focus on the overbearing heat and sometimes funky smells of our new location rather than the ridiculously friendly and helpful people we meet.

If our tendencies normally leaned towards rush, rush, rushing through our regular lives, we might impatiently glance at sunset instead of sitting to watch that golden ball disappear into the water.

A significant piece of enjoying yourself during those bucket-listy life experiences is practicing happiness at home.

Creating a great home life leads to contentment so that your dreaming comes from a place of happiness and not a place of I-need-to-get-out-of-here desperation.

A significant piece of enjoying yourself during those bucket-listy life experiences is practicing… Click To Tweet

Existing in contentment frees your mind to envision bigger possibilities. Being happy with what you have makes more seem like a real possibility, instead of just a dream. Living in happiness helps you to plan your dreams from a place of clarity and fulfillment.

So if you’re wanting more adventure, luxury, joy, travel, or simply larger life experiences, the first place to start is enjoying where you’re at now.

Right now, before clicking away or busying yourself with another task; think of one way you can enjoy where you’re currently at in life.

No buying something new or planning a new trip, just maximizing the joy that comes from what already exists.

It’s important to at least think of one way you can do that now.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Dust off that ping pong table, puzzle or board game that you haven’t played in months.
  2. Invite a friend over for dinner. Or even easier, wine and Netflix.
  3. Walk through your home and admire what you already have. Smile while you do it.
  4. Identify what you’re grateful for about your job.
  5. Give extra cuddles to your dog, partner or family.

Pick one way to enjoy the now (or think of your own) and you’re one step closer to a brighter one day. Because those one days are really just nows that haven’t happened yet. If you spend each day as a stressed-out head case, your one day will be just as stressful.

Start practicing now how you want to feel when…

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