Happy December!

Are you ready for the end of the year?

I am.

I spent many a Thanksgiving weekend doing what can only be described as nesting. Not because I’m pregnant, but because a bunch of women in my vicinity are, and I have non-stop energy for some reason.

Since last Wednesday I’ve been knocking off long-standing items on my to-do list like a champ. A bunch of things got done (like forever done) over the long weekend and it feels invigorating.

One of those tasks was to sort all my photo folders and from years past and order photo books.

A digital space in chaos gives me anxiety, but I just kept putting it off.

As I sat by the Christmas tree with Mad Men on in the background I went through old photos of past vacations and regular life moments that made me smile in memory.

I got to relive beautiful life moments that gave me a feeling that is the opposite of what I’ve been feeling lately.

Tell me if this happens to you… 

The holiday shopping season rolls around and all of a sudden you’re looking at what you currently own in more of a shabby light. But an upgrade is out of the picture and if you’re being completely honest, unnecessary.

You see travel photos on Instagram and feel a pang in your heart as you’re reminded that your bank account balance just can’t responsibly finance plane tickets right now.

You witness someone else’s success and you look at all of the goals you have yet to achieve with a renewed sense of overwhelm. 

Or perhaps you log in to Pinterest and see image after image of luxury homes that make the one you’re in (which you’re very content with on a daily basis) seem less than great.

It’s the Pinterest effect and it happens on and off the platform. You’re completely happy and content until you catch a glimpse of better, bigger, more… an upgrade.

I caught myself doing this soon after we moved into our dream home and I went on Pinterest only to instantly feel discontent. WTF!

I’ve been logged off of that platform more and more as I realized the impact it has on my current happiness. But the effect happens everywhere.

The solution hit me a couple nights ago when I was laughing my ass off at pictures from our trip to Iceland. I was so happy and grateful for that trip I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face.

I wasn’t thinking about the next trip or the trip after that.

I call this new idea

Reverse Pinteresting

and you MUST try it immediately. 

It works like this;

Instead of looking at inspirational (future-dream) photos and feeling bad about where you currently are and what you currently have…

…you look back at what you’ve already done, achieved, acquired, experienced and you feel elated by how far you’ve come and the beautiful life you’ve led so far.

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You can look at old photos, walk through your house and really study all of your possessions or simply write down 5 things you’ve done recently.

It can be as simple as “I baked a cake for my friends” because that’s the equivalent of all the food porn on Pinterest.

For as much mood altering “inspiration” you consume, make sure to digest some real appreciation for your own life and achievements. 

Real life perspective and gratitude go a long way for contentment and happiness.

Happy (Reverse) Pinning!

Hey, I'm Katie! I'm an author and daily life designer who teaches millennial women how to approach their daily lives in a way that is sustainable, effective and filled with ease. When I'm not hanging out with my dog Watson, traveling or chilling out with a rerun of Mad Men you can find me interacting with my Break Free From Busy Bootcamp students or sharing daily life strategies for the driven, but busy. Connect with me over on Facebook and Instagram.