I don't know how I would've gotten unstuck if we hadn't talked, but I know it wouldn't have happened that fast!

Immediately after talking with Katie I felt SO MUCH better about everything. She gave tools to handle the days I was feeling less enthusiastic about my life and they work! I implemented what we talked about and started seeing more money and sales come in. But most importantly, I'm actually excited for the things I'm writing and working on!

In 90 minutes, Katie helped me save 1.5 years of wasted time. Really.

She challenged ideas I’d viewed as foregone conclusions, helped me reassess my approach to client work, and (as cheesy as it sounds) showed me what was really possible. She reminded me that you can delegate work you don’t like and spend your time doing things that come easily. I leave our meetings with clear to-do lists and next steps. So effing helpful. I’ve referred several of my friends to her and they all love her, too!

I still can’t believe how much value I gained from just ONE SESSION.

I wish I met Katie two years ago when I started working for myself. She’s not only great at asking questions, but she really listens. Among other things, she challenged me to make space for something bigger. I had been running in circles and this gentle nudge has been transforming. I have four pages of notes from our talk, but I think my favorite part is realizing that I already have what it takes.

Becky Simpson / Owner, Chief of high fives Nashville, TN
Talking to somebody who doesn’t know me helped me get an outside opinion on my efforts.

There are no preconceived notions of what I should be doing and an idea of how I could be doing it. Instead, I felt supported yet challenged to come up with my answers and to ask questions when I needed to.At first, I was nervous I was going to be in over my head and completely unprepared for the session so I was surprised at how easy and conversational it was. I really appreciated the shared notes to help keep me thinking about ALL the topics we covered.

I would HIGHLY recommend the 90-minute session to others who have an idea of what they want but may not have a framework or plan of action. Working with Katie helped me think more highly of my abilities and where I can be best focusing my energy.

Honestly, I knew Katie was fantastic but I didn’t know just how big of an impact our session would have on me nearly a month later! I plan on setting up another session with her in a few months!

Kam Altar / Chief Adventurer, Tustin, CA
After just 90 minutes with Katie, I was firing on all cylinders.

She is an insightful and gentle guide, never pushy or judgmental, and offers suggestions that seem both do-able and challenging. She helped me with issues I’d been mulling for ages, and solved problems I didn’t even realize I had in my business model. I’m so grateful for her help!

Sally McGraw / Freelance writer, blogger and editor, Minneapolis, MN
Katie is an incredible listener. She knows the right questions to ask, and gives you an outside perspective while critically evaluating your situation.

Her simplistic “Work smarter, not harder” punched me. I know all this, but her simple yet elegant ways of being able to communicate these life-changing tips were vital to my transformation.

Dr. Justine Lee / DVM, DACVECC, DABT, Chief Executive Officer VetGirl, Saint Paul, MN
The conversation was so easy, and Katie is a breath of fresh air.

My session with Katie is what finally got me thinking out of my 4 corner box.  I had read a lot of books, done a lot of thinking, but Katie was a refreshing wake up call for me to dig deep and think about what I was REALLY looking for to get unstuck.  The conversation was so easy, and Katie is a breath of fresh air.  Because of it, my husband and I had the courage to quit our comfortable corporate jobs and take 5 months to travel around the world - to do what we love.

I have never felt this peaceful and content about a decision that is this "different", because I know it is what we want and need as a couple.  Katie reminded me that yes, you should be able to LOVE your everyday.  Work shouldn't feel mediocre and you shouldn't be feeling like "Is this really it?" on your drive in every morning.  Would highly encourage anyone who feels like that to book a session with Katie Lee.

Molly Asplin / Health & Fitness Coach, Minneapolis, MN
Immediately after, I felt overwhelmed with all of the possibilities, but not in a bad way, just in a my-brain-is-full kind of way.

Immediately after, I felt overwhelmed with all of the possibilities, but not in a bad way, just in a my-brain-is-full kind of way. I appreciated that the session was concentrated into one block of time, and that Katie was available for follow-up questions as I needed it. After the 30-day process, I felt empowered - she helped illuminate for me that I already have what it takes to get where I want to be, and helped me get much more focused on the actual actions it will take to get there.

Rebecca Hass / Pianist and Teacher, Minneapolis, MN
If Oprah and Stephen Covey had a baby…you’d get Katie. She’s the perfect mix of wisdom and applicable knowledge.

I loved having the 75 min. I felt it was enough time to really hash out change. Since our chat I have been more focused and aware of my goals. This month I blew my monthly income out of the water (tripled what I made last Sept). I have also been “asking” for what I want. Like I said I crushed this month’s income goal. I have been more focused on my goals, which helps me to actually hit them.

I have been more organized with my clients as I have created a system to how I train. I would absolutely recommend this session. This opportunity opened up ideas and space in my heart and mind that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with by myself.

If Oprah and Stephen Covey had a baby…you’d get Katie. She’s the perfect mix of wisdom and applicable knowledge. It was so great to “meet” her, I felt like she really listened and responded with such wisdom in the 75 min we had. I honestly felt like we were friends by the end of it. She was so personable.

Annette Papa / Personal Trainer Specialist, Toronto, ON
At first I was hesitant about scheduling a session, because I wasn’t really sure how someone could help me.

I felt like I knew the answers but was just avoiding hard work. Now I see the value of working with Katie. I feel like just being able to talk about it with someone who understood my situation brought clarity. Usually when you talk to friends, their responses are well-meaning but not typically helpful.

Since our session I’ve started viewing large goals as little tasks that are easier to accomplish. I’ve become more focused and achieve a lot more. Our time together has changed the way I think about projects and dreams. I think about which ones are really a hobby and which ones are worth pursuing. Yes! I would definitely recommend this 75 min session. Katie really helped me focus on visualizing what I actually wanted as well as the little changes to get me started. Without her service I’d still be overwhelmed by the big picture.

Lindsey Wilson / Illustrator, Colfax, IL
Now I’m prioritizing my to do’s & projects based on what is going to benefit me the most.

The 75-min sesh really helped me a lot! I was able to work through my services to narrow in on my expertise and now I’m prioritizing my to do’s & projects based on what is going to benefit me the most. I would definitely recommend this service, because Katie asked the tough questions that I wasn’t asking myself. If you’re looking for a coach who will ask those tough questions & narrow in on your needs, you should definitely hire Katie.

Stephanie Hall / Writer, Editor, Designer, Surrey, BC
We often get boxed into the little worlds we’ve created in our minds, so speaking with someone new can be enlightening.

I enjoyed the flow of my conversation with Katie. I didn’t feel rushed to move from one topic to another, and yet I feel like we also covered a lot of ground. This created an environment where I felt like I had time to think, share, and work through ideas. The biggest benefit I got out of our session is recognizing the importance of valuing the small changes you can make in your life, and focusing on doing them well. I think I often set goals that are too big or lofty, without a reasonable path of how to reach them that won’t completely throw my life out of whack. My session was a good reminder in the importance of building up to something you want to achieve and taking the steps to get there.

I would recommend this service to people who, like me, are looking for some clarity. It’s helpful to present your competing thoughts to someone who doesn’t already know you and have his/her biases, because then you are often offered with a fresh perspective on how to approach your challenges. We often get boxed into the little worlds we’ve created in our minds, so speaking with someone new can be enlightening.

Meredith Duncan / Programs and Communications Associate, Brooklyn, NY
Katie sees how every aspect of a person’s life is interconnected and begins working on multiple fronts at one time.

Katie has a way of working with people that involves the whole system. She doesn’t just look at profit streams, systems organization, or life habits–she looks at all of them and how they interact with each other. Katie is a business consultant meets life coach meets home organizer. She has been working with my husband for three months and we have seen significant improvements not only in his business, but in his health and life as well. Katie sees how every aspect of a person’s life is interconnected and begins working on multiple fronts at one time. Most importantly (and what makes her stand out from others) is that Katie lives the way she teaches. Her methods work and her own life is living proof!

Linnette Werner Ph.D. / Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Minor, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, MN
Katie is a motivating force who will change your life for the better.

Katie is an inspiring coach who helps bring focus to life. Whether looking for guidance to reach a goal or just some structure to figure out how to make small changes stick, Katie is a motivating force who will change your life for the better.

Kristen Brown / Bestselling Author, Speaker and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Minneapolis, MN
Within minutes of ending our call, I was scribbling away in a notebook, making plans and adjusting my work schedule.

I recently worked with Katie over Skype. Thanks to the changes Katie suggested, I’ve been able to build a happier and more productive working day. Katie is a friendly, engaging and inspiring coach. I love her common sense approach and her ability to look at the bigger picture. I have no hesitations at all in recommending her!

Katie M Anderson / Writer, Blogger and Consultant, York, UK
I hesitated and wondered whether the cost would be worth it.

I have never paid for a session like this and there were a lot of coaches who offered their first session for free so I worried about whether or not talking to Katie will be different than talking to those coaches. But it WAS, and the fact that it had a cost meant that I needed to try my best to make the most of our time together.

Things are more clear now. I know what direction I am heading in, not only in my career but where I am going with my parents, my friends, relationship-wise and health-wise as well. When I occasionally slip, I can feel better knowing that I have your recommendations to refer to.

I also liked the fact that you made me feel as though I could ask any question I wanted to and not be judged for it.I have been reviewing my notes everyday since our session, trying to absorb it all and benefit from it as much as possible. People tend to turn to their friends and family when they are facing problems, but sometimes I find that it is better to talk to someone who is an expert at solving “life problems” instead of seeking out an excess of advice which might or might not be applicable to your life.

Jessie C. / Auckland, NZ
Katie is the go-to woman for people in this role: experts, business owners, parents, all those who are often in the lead and could use someone else taking the lead for a moment.

Sometimes we need to hear someone else tell us something very specific in a different way from how we’ve heard it/thought it so far to get the “Aha!” moment we’re seeking. Katie did this for me several times during our session. And as she did it she was also teaching me how to make her particular kind of “Aha!” moments keep happening. I liked how well-structured the form I did in advance was and how it led to a well-structured session that adressed everything I had listed. Amazing! I’m implementing the steps we agreed upon and I feel calmer and more in control with the extra structure.

I love this kind of work, which builds on our own abilities to navigate our lives, through the places that have often tripped us up. Even those of us who help others navigate their lives sometimes need someone to take us in hand. Katie is the go-to woman for people in this role: experts, business owners, parents, all those who are often in the lead and could use someone else taking the lead for a moment. Her small changes are easy to remember, implement, and enjoy… they really do add up to the changes you’re ready to make! I would definitely recommend a session with Katie. She is so good at making everything seem possible instead of overwhelming!

Emrys Tetu / Holistic Health Counselor, Chester, CT

Real wins from past bootcampers.


Now I know I don’t need to be searching for more practices - putting into place what I have learned is enough!


Knowing that I have the tools to declutter my life and design a schedule that creates space and reduces stress. With self-awareness of the challenges and triggers to being busy, I am starting to make decisions that bring me closer to unbusy.


I'm so glad I did your course in the lead up to going on leave!! My daughter was born on 7 September and she has been amazing. I really attribute her calmness to me being calm and learning how to let things go. As you would imagine, life with a newborn is very unstructured so I have to be very deliberate with my time! I'm so glad I did BFFB beforehand.


Becoming more aware of my overwhelm/the activities that lead to my overwhelm (aka busyness) has helped me realize that I do enough and that I am allowed to feel overwhelmed and now do something about it.


My biggest win this week was putting my to-do list items on my calendar. I'm realizing that the things I plan to do take way longer than the amount of time I set aside to do them, and, by being honest with myself and prioritizing what makes it onto my calendar and what gets permanently deleted, 1) I have way more realistic expectations of myself and 2) I'm finally getting around to doing the things that I have been putting off for days/weeks/months (and one thing I have been putting off for years!). If I learn nothing else in Bootcamp, this week made it so completely worth it. - (week 2)


This Bootcamp has made a real difference in my day to day life and I’m so appreciative! I’m really glad I joined the group 🙂


My biggest win this week has been continuing to put my "to-do's" on my calendar (and delete the things that just aren't important to me). It felt so good to be honest and real with myself. By letting go of a future version of myself, I was able to make room for the things I really want to do, such as try some healthy new recipes and make a doctor's appointment that I have literally been putting off for 3 years!


I decided to join as I really want to become efficient with my time and priorities. Being busy is mentally and physically draining and has stopped me from enjoying life.

I know that my life will change drastically in 9 weeks time with the arrival of our baby girl, so it's more important than ever for me to start practicing are more simple and efficient daily life. I am hoping to learn the science of structuring my day and time to maximise output and eliminate what's not important. I absolutely love analysing and implementing processes so I know that your method Katie is going to be perfect for me.


I decided to join BFFB after reading Katie’s book The Effortless Everyday. Realizing that how I spend my day is how I spend my life was honestly a wake up call for me, because it occurred to me that life is happening now and the things I do every day are not at all how I want to be living my life.


I am finally getting consistent control of my calendar and scheduling activities for me. This week I have run 4 times (3 with my daughter), met girl friends for lunch, meditated each morning and cooked every day. All without guilt or stress! 


I hope to learn some strategies so I don't return to the same old habit of working all hours of the day and night (including phone and especially emails) and then burning out. The money was good, but at this point in my life, my health is more important. I would like to have more structured and productive days but that leave some room for rest. Right now, the days go by quickly and I don't realize where they went! Thanks for reading!


Before starting BFFB, I didn't think I was busy; I was just overwhelmed. I couldn't possibly be busy though, because I work 3 days a week and I was only factoring in my job when I thought of busyness.

Now I realize it's my job AND everything else I put on myself to accomplish in a day/week/month/year...and it's totally unrealistic. Putting things on my calendar has helped me become aware of what's realistic as well as what's really important to me and what I can let go. Since re-prioritizing I have:

  1. Made a doctor's appointment I've been putting off for almost 3 years
  1. Started practicing gratitude daily with the 5 Minute Journal app
  1. Worked out the last 4 days in a row, because I have the energy now that I've eliminated all the unrealistic "to-do" items that have been exhausting me

I'd been so hard on myself for not doing all the things I wanted to do when I had all this "time" outside of work. I realize now that I never got to any of it because I was filling my life up with so much other "stuff" that wasn't actually as important or urgent as I thought it was.


This week’s lessons made it so clear to me why I feel overwhelmed all the time; I have so many to-do lists (in my planner, on my phone, on my computer) and I never get to half of it. While my calendar looks like it's full of "white space," it's a false representation of what I do every day since I'm filling up every spare minute with never ending to-do list items. Even my free time doesn’t feel like free time because there are so many things I think I should be doing that it’s overwhelming.


I just wanted you to know how impactful your teachings have been and how different my life is from a year ago. I always enjoy your cheerfully honest and very supportive videos on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for all that you share!