I went to Santa Fe looking for answers. Walking down the quiet streets in the sunny, thin air of the town that holds my heart, I was eagerly looking around for clues. I had questions and I wasn’t going to leave in 4 days without answers.

Was it a mistake to leave 5 years ago?

Is this where we’re meant to live?

Should we move back here?

Like most life decisions, I had debated this one for years.

Santa Fe was near perfect with it’s beautiful mountains, world class food, and the best dog park we’ve ever seen. But it was small, sometimes one-dimensional and the major airport was an hour and 20 minutes away.

Saint Paul, Minnesota is a great city that is a part of a dynamic metropolitan area. We love the food, the state, our house and the seasons. But it’s missing big nature that we can access regularly. There are no mountains or ocean to be had.

I walked next to my dear friend, who graciously allows me to think out loud without needing to wrap my thoughts up with a pretty bow.

I said what I’ve said so many times before.

There is no perfect place to live. 

But this time, a new thought came to mind. I said it out loud because I knew it was true.

We need to stop pretending perfection is even possible. Not just in deciding where to live, but in all choices. 

There is no perfect place to live.

There is no perfect time to start a family.

There is no perfect way to run a business, launch a product, write a book or put yourself out there.

There is no perfect way to be a friend when your friend is struggling.

The pursuit of perfection is what stops us from making progress. You can choose not to let it. You can choose to act, to be happy, to move forward even if things aren’t perfect.


I turned my face up toward the Santa Fe sun. It felt so warm on my skin after the Minnesota winter that I had just been through.

And with a deep breath, I realized (like so many other times in my life) that the antithesis of perfection is gratitude.

When we’re hung up on perfection (or the lack of it) we can turn towards gratitude.

I want to live in both Santa Fe and Saint Paul. I wish I could take Santa Fe and put it in Minnesota. Neither city is perfect, but I love both of them so much.

But do you know what I’m grateful for? 

I asked my friend who had been patiently listening the entire time.

I’m grateful that I have the option to visit Santa Fe whenever I want. I can live in Saint Paul, which I’m more suited for anyway, and still get my mountain and green chile fix anytime. It’s just a matter of booking a flight. 


How lucky am I? The best of both worlds. That seems pretty close to perfect to me.

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You can’t imagine what that will allow you to do. Be happy with where you’re at. Be creative with the way in which you go after what you want and find your version of perfection in the imperfect.

Start with the gratitude and go from there.

Hey, I'm Katie! I'm an author and daily life designer who teaches millennial women how to approach their daily lives in a way that is sustainable, effective and filled with ease. When I'm not hanging out with my dog Watson, traveling or chilling out with a rerun of Mad Men you can find me interacting with my Break Free From Busy Bootcamp students or sharing daily life strategies for the driven, but busy. Connect with me over on Facebook and Instagram.