People ask me a lot of questions via email, in Facebook Live comments and on Instagram. Some I answer privately, but sometimes I know that they’ll be helpful to everyone if I answer them out loud. This is one of those questions.

It’s SO good and I’m guessing you’ve asked yourself this same thing before. I know I have.

Here it is.

“I’ve implemented a LOT of small changes over the last few years and have concentrated hard on them, especially in the last year.

Does everyone go through periods where they just can’t put into place even one more small change?

Like they need to take a break and focus on maintaining the ones already in place? Basically pat myself on the back for all that I’ve done so far and give myself a break for awhile.”

So good! Let’s dive in. My answer is for her AND you. (This topic is so important that I made it into a cheat sheet.)

First of all, CONGRATS on making so many changes in your life! It sounds like you’re looking for permission to step back and take a break. No one needs to give that to you. If you want to take a break, take a break.

But before you do, let’s explore what all of this means.

Looking at all that you’ve accomplished, feeling proud of it and patting yourself on the back does not have to replace continuing forward. You can do both at the same time.

The real question is: what about the current status of your life makes you want to take a break?

Are you feeling tired, worn out and just plain over it when it comes to these changes?

If so, then that tells me that the changes you’ve made, while amazing and beneficial, likely aren’t sustainable (yet). So yes, I would recommend you take a break from making any changes in new areas, but don’t stop making changes.

THIS is the step in the process where many people get off track or revert back to their old ways.

For the next month, walk through your life asking yourself “How can I make this effortless?”

The only way for your changes to stick long term is for them to feel effortless on a daily basis. Your everyday life doesn’t have to be so hard. It shouldn’t be a struggle to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be.

The only way for your changes to stick long term is for them to feel effortless on a daily basis. Click To Tweet

To help, I’ve made a Small Change Cheat Sheet all about moving forward when you feel like taking a break. It’s a quick guide with key questions to ask yourself and small steps to keep you progressing with ease.

So pat yourself on the back, open the Cheat Sheet and keep on going with your small changes.

I’d love to know!

How can you make it effortless? How do you move forward when you want to quit?

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