We’ve been focusing on busyness for the month of January and I’m guessing when you think of busy you picture someone rushing through their day, short on time and feeling overwhelmed. You imagine that gogogo franticness as the norm.

That’s what busy looks like on the outside. That’s how it’s portrayed in movies when you see the overstretched mom trying to juggle it all or the high powered executive trying to advance.

Busyness is so much more than just being frazzled or not having enough time. It has far reaching affects that if not addressed will hold you back from some really great stuff in your life.​ Understanding the intricacies of busy is the best way to break free from it.

When you can understand that busy is more than the number of commitments on your calendar then you’ll start to understand that the amount of activity you squeeze into a certain time does not equal your output.

In other words multi-tasking and working super fast to stay “productive” does not equal your ultimate success. It doesn’t make you a better person, more successful or exist as the only factor that will move you forward in life.

Sometimes it gives you the feeling that you’re moving forward. Sometimes it gives you hits of accomplishment that keep you addicted to the race, but in the long run it actually holds you back.

We’ve all done it though. We’ve all been scared of what will happen if we slow down. We’re conditioned to keep going, because we think…

If I don’t keep up this pace I won’t succeed. It won’t get done. I won’t move forward. ​

But you might be surprised to know you could actually be more successful, take great strides forward and get more done than ever before.​​

Your busyness is actually holding you back from your true potential.
Your busyness is actually holding you back from your true potential. Click To Tweet

I know you don’t want to keep running on this fast paced treadmill. That you want to slow down without losing your ability to achieve and get things done.

While I’m not a fan of the current rhetoric that if you’re less busy then you can get busy saving the world, because you don’t need to replace one form with another (plus that’s a lot of pressure) I do want you to look at what your current form of goinggoinggoing is costing you.

When you let go of the need to be productive 24/7 in order to feel worthy you open up to the opportunities for growth right in front of you. When you break your addiction to your to-do list you have space to see what’s really important. And when you completely break free from busy you have the option to pursue what matters to you without distraction.

Personally you’re going to feel better, be healthier and more sane, you’re going to pursue the things you want to do, you’re going to live a much more full, yet content and happy life.

Professionally, you’re going to get so much more done each day. As in finished, submitted, crossed off your list. More than that you won’t be one of those busy people don’t have the bandwidth to pursue opportunities, to notice opportunities. That doesn’t have the energy to put themselves in positions to advance and do new things because they’re too busy just being busy. With their heads down cranking out the work they can see when to raise their hands, when to step forward, when to speak up and say I want that!

How often have you thought of an idea or seen something you’d like to try but instead of pursuing it you just had to keep working or you’d fall even further behind?

On a much grander scale when you are busy and overwhelmed and stressed you can’t look at the world. You can’t speak up for things or volunteer your time. You can’t give your gifts or do any of the things that our world so desperately needs right now. You’re less likely to smile at a stranger, help a neighbor or notice someone (even in your own family) who is in need.

Do you see what you’re missing out on by staying in your current state of busy?

You’re losing out on potential income, opportunity, energy and life experience.​ All for your comfortable to-do list and painfully full schedule.

By the way I’m not blaming you for where you’re at right now. It’s not your fault. This is how our society has taught us to be. And I know what it’s like to be in the trap of busyness. I kept busy because I was scared of not succeeding, scared I would fall behind, scared things wouldn’t get done. What happened when I quit the busy madness?

I got more done than ever before. And I was happy.

It’s possible to not be frantically busy all the time and still achieve, still get it all done, still be there for your friends and family in a supportive way. Still have a job.

For today just know that recognizing how much your busyness is costing you is a great step in the right direction.

The next up is understanding exactly how busyness exists in your life. Then you can finally take action towards breaking free from it. All of that is covered inside my program Break Free From Busy. Take a tour of this 4 week experience here. Registration closes January 20th.

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