I talk for a living.


Seriously, my full time job and greatest joy is to have fun, potent and impactful conversations that lead to transformation, newness and action for the people I’m talking to — and those that get to listen in.

I use my gift of intuitive conversation and my practiced skill of informative speaking to teach millennial women how to break free from busy and make good time. Because I believe quality living and how you reclaim your days and in turn, your life.

I love to talk about:

The historical and societal context of the busyness epidemic among first world millennial women.

How to let go of self-help and turn towards self-healing.

What it means to make good time in your life and how that can transform every ounce of effort you put towards your goals.

How to design your own good day.

The greater collective results when women everywhere start making good time.




 Places I’ve talked before

Being Boss

Real Talk Radio

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

And many more…

So let’s talk.

I am available for Podcasts, interviews, collaborating on projects, being a panelist at your event, and adding expert commentary about current events. If you’re interested in inviting me to do any of those things please reach out.