So you want to connect? Yay! I love that!


But first let me see if I can answer a few questions for you.


Q: Can I interview you for my blog, podcast, TV show or article?

A: YES! Of course you can. Head on over to this page to see my favorite topics and submit your request.


Q: Will you write a guest post on my blog?

A: Possibly, but I much prefer interviews. They are much easier and more fun. You’re more than welcome to take any one of my already published posts to use as a guest post. Simply copy my bio from below and pick a headshot (click on each one for full size image). Link back to this site and you’re good to go.


Q: Will you speak at my event?

A: Maybe. I love speaking and sharing my message with people, when it’s appropriate. Speaking takes a lot of preparation so it’s very important that we figure out if it’s a good fit first before heading down that path. Please read this page and submit your event request to get the initial get-to-know-you process started. Most importantly I want to know why YOU feel it would be a good fit. You know more about your audience and industry than I do so please share why you chose me.


Q: I’d love to pick your brain about how you got started in your business/what it’s like to move a lot/how you created X,Y & Z. Can we get coffee?

A: I love getting getting this question. It’s flattering. But I can tell you right now that I’ll have to decline that invitation. Although I would love to chat with you and everyone else who enters my world, if I got coffee with everyone or answered every single question I wouldn’t have any time left to get my work done (or cuddle my pup and give attention to my man. Balance!)

You’re still welcome to email me (connect(at)heykatielee(dot)com) and I’ll work towards answering your Q during one of my Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions. Everybody wins that way!


Most questions have already been answered on the blog, on my Facebook page or on good old Google. But if you’re still left wondering something, ask away or sign up to work with me.



Katie Lee is a lifestyle designer (aka: daily life expert) for lady-gogetters, the ones who can’t seem to figure out why time seems to slip past them each day.

Through her bestselling book The Effortless Everyday: How to design your daily life to free up time and energy for what really matters, powerful weekly emails and speaking appearances she teaches you how to do daily life so you get everything done while making it all feel effortless.

Her adoring fans + clients have called her an insightful and gentle guide and so effing helpful! and one women said If Oprah and Stephen Covey had a baby…you’d get Katie. She’s the perfect mix of wisdom and applicable knowledge.
And when she’s not teaching you can find her indulging in another episode of Mad Men, planning her next trip and semi-frequently baking cakes.

Meet Katie + get ready to tackle your daily life at





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My door is always open. Or should I say my inbox? If you’d like to collaborate on a project, invite me to speak at your event, request an interview or just want to send over some (PG) virtual love. I’m all for it. Email me at connect(at)heykatielee(dot)com.


Want to stay in touch every day? I’m hanging out over on Instagram. Find me @heykatielee.