Let me guess…

You’re tired, always running and just barely getting everything done that HAS to get done (much less the cool things you want to do.) 

Why aren’t there more more hours in the day?

It’s cliche but I’m sure that you’ve thought it at some point.

Because it’s hard to imagine your life could be any different without adding at least 5 hours to the day.

  • You want to spend more time with your husband but spend all your time working and fall asleep just as he’s wanting to talk.
  • You have “travel more” on your vision board but don’t know when or how you’d ever be able to get away from your life without everything falling apart.
  • You would love slower mornings with time to journal and read while you sip your tea, but you start the day with email and Instagram before rushing off towards your to-do list.
  • Making it to yoga more than once-in-awhile seems pretty far fetched at this point even if you “schedule” it into your week repeatedly. 
  • On top of all that, there is still all the things you’ve been dreaming and scheming to do that feels more like wishful thinking than anything that will actually become a FOR REAL reality.


At the end of the day when your head hits the pillow you’re still thinking about all of the stuff you didn’t get to and will have to do tomorrow.

There has to be another way. Life can’t just be THIS.

But you keep carrying on. You wake up go through your day, meet your deadlines, think about keeping up with or even starting your gratitude list, consider making some changes (but doubt they’ll work for you without giving up something that really matters to you), maybe sneak in a workout, scarf down some dinner and end up feeling the same way again.

You would cry with frustration, but there’s no time.

You’re getting everything done that HAS to get done, but you’re not actually making progress on what matters.

Things like….your creativity, taking that class that will up your promotion-worthy skills, quality time with your family, getting back into shape, Italy. Did you mention Italy?

It’s time to break free, friend.

Are you ready for a change?

Picture this….

What if your life didn’t leave you feeling like you were constantly trying to catch up with yourself and never getting there? What if you could not just make it through the day, but smile when you think back on your day and not only do what NEEDS to be done but also do the things you’ve been dying to make happen but couldn’t manage to untangle yourself from all those obligations to make happen.

It feels like magic, because you’re still you, but now you consistently fit everything in while your life keeps getting easier and more enjoyable.


Break Free From Busy is a 4 week online Bootcamp designed to help go-getters like you dissolve your busyness, get control of our daily schedule and finally enjoy some free time.

By the end of those powerful yet simple 4 weeks you will totally transform how you do your days. You’ll have free time and you won’t feel guilty about it. You’ll get done what you need to get done, but there will be plenty of energy, time and mental bandwidth leftover.

I built this for women like you. Women who have read all the productivity hacks and books but can’t seem to manage to figure out HOW to build a life that doesn’t have them feeling constantly overwhelmed, overworked and with their big dreams nowhere in sight.


I know what you are thinking — sure this is all nice but can I ACTUALLY stop feeling so busy? How do I know this will work?

This program will help you identify what’s making you busy in the first place and give you the specific techniques to overcome it.

This is different from what you’ve done before because it’s not a one-size fits all way to do life. It’s a comprehensive life strategy that easily integrates in your day-to-day life. It’s not just a bunch of videos with nice-to-know info but actual actionable steps with results you’ll see in your busyness instantly.

So you won’t have to hope that it fits into your exact situation because it’s about your exact situation. You don’t have to memorize a formula or worry about “getting it right” or “falling off the wagon”, because the result is an intuitive and natural way for you to live YOUR life.

Check out the real wins from past bootcampers at the bottom of this page to see what I mean.

How does it work?

This Bootcamp takes you through my unique process created based on years of research and practice myself.

A deep dive into how busy is really showing up in YOUR life so you can use the exact right (and totally doable) practices to break free from it.

Once you understand your own version of busy I’ll teach you how to plan your time with a new way to interact with scheduling, guilt and people who want you to say yes to everything. 

From there you’ll learn how intentionally fill up your days with what matters to you + live your new everyday life.

At the end you’ll learn how to choose YOUR life over the long haul.

I know you don’t want to disrupt or change your entire life. You just want it to be a little bit easier. Each week you’ll get In-depth, but short lessons with a video and audio (it’s like listening to one podcast a week).

No noise, no fluff, no hours of sitting at your computer. Just 1 month of digging deep, learning and practicing in your own life, discovering the truth for yourself and building lifelong skills. 

It’s nice to know that I am not crazy to want to be less busy. I think the world needs a lot more of this message, because it’s so easy to get sucked into the trap of believing that busyness equals worthiness. This program is full of such valuable information that no one ever gives you – but Katie does! I have taken steps towards the life that I actually want because of this, and I can already feel the difference.

Sarah JC

I’d taken many courses that hadn’t helped so I wasn’t expecting much from this program, but if I didn’t do something soon I was going to lose it! Katie was able to cut through my ramblings and figure out exactly what my issues were and then help me to understand what I needed to focus on first. I finally feel like it’s possible to live the life I’ve always dreamed of without it being a constant struggle. Her program is worth the investment!


You, unbusy, might look like…


Your life will be YOURS to live, without that constant “I’m so busy” feeling that plagues you right now.

Questions?? Feel free to email us anytime at connect@heykatielee.com

After Break Free From Busy I feel so much happier and more relaxed. I love Katie’s simple but powerful approach. I’ve learned to challenge my calendar and todo list and I feel less rushed, less anxious and I actually have free time! I would recommend this program to anyone because being overwhelmed all the time is not healthy.


4 jam-packed weekly lessons

I’ll teach you the complete background of busyness, how to actually break free and what to do after you have. Each lesson comes with audio and video recordings, lesson cheat sheets, and guided practice so you can take action right away.

Regular reminders for accountability. 

This bootcamp isn’t another course that you buy and don’t finish. It’s designed and delivered in such a way that you’ll keep moving forward.

Answers to FAQs delivered before you even know you have a question.

Past students have said this is the most valuable part of the experience.

Bonus 1 | Turn your time into money

Turn your time into money with these 3 methods – that have nothing to do with selling stuff or starting a business.

Bonus 2 | Your Complete Yearly Planning Guide

Plan your entire year like a pro using the exact system I’ve been using and refining for over a decade. Envision your outcomes, decide when you’re going to accomplish them and begin knocking them down one by one.

Bonus 3 | The Get Ahead Guide

This is where I go deep into how to catch up on your backlog of to-dos, and more importantly, how to get ahead. This system does not rely on working longer hours to catch-up. Get ahead and never fall behind again!

After 4 weeks together you’ll leave the constant busyness and that never feeling done feeling behind and embrace a less stressful life.

I knew from Katie’s book that I would not be disappointed in this program! After BFFB, I’ve become so conscious of how things suddenly become “more real” once I write them down, especially the obligations and deadlines I impose on myself. I’ve also learned a lot about how to reduce my busyness and stop overscheduling myself. I definitely recommend it!



I want you to know it IS possible to…

Get to the root of your constant busyness.

Be in control of your schedule.

Get things done without overwhelm.

Have real free time and not feel guilty about it.

But first you have to change the way you live your day-to-day life. You have to do something different and that’s what this offering is all about.

I realize that not everyone can quit their jobs, sell all of their stuff and completely destroy their lives in an effort to have a better life and here’s the thing….you shouldn’t HAVE to.

Your cure for busyness starts here.


What if something comes up and I can’t finish in 4 weeks?

Don’t worry. You have lifetime access to the program content. You’ll be able to watch or listen to the lessons as often as you’d like, forever.

I don’t have time! How am I going to get it all done?

I hear ya. That’s why you’re here right? The good news is that if you can listen to a podcast in one week you can do it. Most of the time commitment is in practicing in your real life. So don’t worry about watching hours and hours of videos or doing a bunch of worksheets.

Honestly, I’ve done stuff in the past and it hasn’t work, what will make this time different?

I don’t know exactly what you’ve done in the past, but the two biggest differences I’ve seen (in talking with other Bootcampers) is that the other stuff was free and therefore low commitment and it wasn’t specific to you. This program is quick and all about YOUR life. Not my version of how you should live.

But the money! Will it be worth it?

That’s going to be up to you, but I’ve seen the results first hand and think it’s drastically underpriced for the value. But I want it to be accessible while still requiring enough of an investment that you’ll fully show up. The real question is – how much is having your time back and getting control over your life worth?


Before I signed up for BFFB, I was worried that adding one more thing to my schedule would just make me feel more busy, but it was the best thing I could have done! Katie helped me see that “busyness” is a choice and that I’m in control of how I feel and what I choose to spend my time doing. Now I have structure around my choices and I’m more disciplined and intentional – and ultimately LESS busy!

Annie Kip

Our go-to motto shouldn’t be “just keep swimming”. Sometimes life is nuts, but we forget how much control we have over our schedules. After the very first lesson I was able to look at my schedule and realize that it was completely unsustainable. Now I’m able to get a ton done, but it’s so much more realistic. I want everyone I know to take this… I think everyone needs a little “tough love” with Katie Lee. 🙂

Miranda Johnson

I think the biggest change for me is stopping to consider what I need, how I feel, on a day to day basis. Before bootcamp I just put my head down ploughed on with all my ‘shoulds’. I never even consider if I should be doing any of these ‘shoulds’! A lot of my self worth was bound up in being the person who would sort out all the things. I prided myself on being reliable and dependable even if it was detrimental to myself. So when I stopped and asked how this made me feel I quickly realised they made me feel crap. Spending most evenings and weekends on accounts may have made me look like ‘the saviour’ but I was not exercising, eating well or spending time with my family. If these are my part of my core values, my actions showed otherwise.

I have now stepped away from these overwhelming commitments and the relief was amazing. I was doing something for myself. And things sort of snowballed from there…I realised my happy pace is outside. Now I run/walk at least 3 times a week and take my dog out as often as possible.

I have become much more aligned with my values and who I want to be. I have started decluttering and letting stuff go. I am much more in-tune with my appetite because I’m listening to myself. I have cleaned up my diet and eat what makes me feel good. I have stopped drinking because the downside for me far outweighed any perceived benefits. I am finishing all those annoying projects that have sat about half done for years.

I thought the bootcamp would help me sort out my calendar but it has been so much more life changing than that.

Because I’m no longer overwhelmed, I am able to really listen to myself and what I need or feel. Then I have the time and energy to put those wishes into action. My life is not so different on the outside looking in but I feel much more at peace and content because I am living in alignment with myself.

Thank you for your honesty and integrity in the content and your sunniness which never fails to cheer me up!


Real wins from past bootcampers.


Now I know I don’t need to be searching for more practices – putting into place what I have learned is enough!


Knowing that I have the tools to declutter my life and design a schedule that creates space and reduces stress. With self-awareness of the challenges and triggers to being busy, I am starting to make decisions that bring me closer to unbusy.


I’m so glad I did your course in the lead up to going on leave!! My daughter was born on 7 September and she has been amazing. I really attribute her calmness to me being calm and learning how to let things go. As you would imagine, life with a newborn is very unstructured so I have to be very deliberate with my time! I’m so glad I did BFFB beforehand.


Becoming more aware of my overwhelm/the activities that lead to my overwhelm (aka busyness) has helped me realize that I do enough and that I am allowed to feel overwhelmed and now do something about it.


My biggest win this week was putting my to-do list items on my calendar. I’m realizing that the things I plan to do take way longer than the amount of time I set aside to do them, and, by being honest with myself and prioritizing what makes it onto my calendar and what gets permanently deleted, 1) I have way more realistic expectations of myself and 2) I’m finally getting around to doing the things that I have been putting off for days/weeks/months (and one thing I have been putting off for years!). If I learn nothing else in Bootcamp, this week made it so completely worth it. – (week 2)


This Bootcamp has made a real difference in my day to day life and I’m so appreciative! I’m really glad I joined the group 🙂


My biggest win this week has been continuing to put my “to-do’s” on my calendar (and delete the things that just aren’t important to me). It felt so good to be honest and real with myself. By letting go of a future version of myself, I was able to make room for the things I really want to do, such as try some healthy new recipes and make a doctor’s appointment that I have literally been putting off for 3 years!


I decided to join as I really want to become efficient with my time and priorities. Being busy is mentally and physically draining and has stopped me from enjoying life.

I know that my life will change drastically in 9 weeks time with the arrival of our baby girl, so it’s more important than ever for me to start practicing are more simple and efficient daily life. I am hoping to learn the science of structuring my day and time to maximise output and eliminate what’s not important. I absolutely love analysing and implementing processes so I know that your method Katie is going to be perfect for me.


I decided to join BFFB after reading Katie’s book The Effortless Everyday. Realizing that how I spend my day is how I spend my life was honestly a wake up call for me, because it occurred to me that life is happening now and the things I do every day are not at all how I want to be living my life.


I am finally getting consistent control of my calendar and scheduling activities for me. This week I have run 4 times (3 with my daughter), met girl friends for lunch, meditated each morning and cooked every day. All without guilt or stress! 


I hope to learn some strategies so I don’t return to the same old habit of working all hours of the day and night (including phone and especially emails) and then burning out. The money was good, but at this point in my life, my health is more important. I would like to have more structured and productive days but that leave some room for rest. Right now, the days go by quickly and I don’t realize where they went! Thanks for reading!


Before starting BFFB, I didn’t think I was busy; I was just overwhelmed. I couldn’t possibly be busy though, because I work 3 days a week and I was only factoring in my job when I thought of busyness.

Now I realize it’s my job AND everything else I put on myself to accomplish in a day/week/month/year…and it’s totally unrealistic. Putting things on my calendar has helped me become aware of what’s realistic as well as what’s really important to me and what I can let go. Since re-prioritizing I have:

  1. Made a doctor’s appointment I’ve been putting off for almost 3 years
  1. Started practicing gratitude daily with the 5 Minute Journal app
  1. Worked out the last 4 days in a row, because I have the energy now that I’ve eliminated all the unrealistic “to-do” items that have been exhausting me

I’d been so hard on myself for not doing all the things I wanted to do when I had all this “time” outside of work. I realize now that I never got to any of it because I was filling my life up with so much other “stuff” that wasn’t actually as important or urgent as I thought it was.


This week’s lessons made it so clear to me why I feel overwhelmed all the time; I have so many to-do lists (in my planner, on my phone, on my computer) and I never get to half of it. While my calendar looks like it’s full of “white space,” it’s a false representation of what I do every day since I’m filling up every spare minute with never ending to-do list items. Even my free time doesn’t feel like free time because there are so many things I think I should be doing that it’s overwhelming.


I just wanted you to know how impactful your teachings have been and how different my life is from a year ago. I always enjoy your cheerfully honest and very supportive videos on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for all that you share!