It’s that – sometimes annoying – time of year when all we hear about is if someone is or isn’t making a new year’s resolution. For the record mine is always to be more kind and less judgmental.

Just as much as I hear what people want to do in the new year I hear what people don’t think they can do.

I can’t do that I’m always late.

I can’t do that we’re not the type of family to cook that much.

I can’t do that because I’m not a morning person.

I’d never stick to that because I have too much of a sweet tooth.

That won’t work for me…I’m a wino.

…I’m not that dressy.

…Our family doesn’t do that.

…I’m just too lazy.

…I’m always behind.

…I can never seem to get my shit together enough to do that.

What if instead of committing to any one resolution we instead were willing to redefine?

What if instead of committing to any one resolution, we were willing to redefine ourselves? Click To Tweet

How about this year we all take our always’ and nevers and throw them out with last year’s trash?

A perfect example from my own life is getting dressed each day.

I am constantly trying to get dressed each day on a consistent basis. It’s a problem for us work-from-home folks. I do it for a couple days, but I always end up telling myself. I’m more comfortable in sweats or maybe I’m just a casual person. I know the last one isn’t true, because any excuse to put on something sparkly or a good antique brooch – I’m all over it.

So today I redefined. I’m a fancy person and I can be comfortable too. I started my early work day by throwing on a vintage house dress that used be my Grandmother’s. I inherited it from her this weekend and I feel absolutely marvelous in it. Plus it still smells like her perfume which makes me smile.

It’s a simple small change that put into practice shifts my entire day. And it happened because I redefined.

And I gotta say I want more of this. I want to practice redefining every day. (I plan on it. Keep reading and you’ll see how.)

I think it all starts with gratitude.

When I look around in an attempt to express gratitude for what I have all of a sudden I can see things in a new light.

I see the pieces of clothing and jewelry that remind me of my Grandma and I’m grateful for them. So I think, why can’t I wear them on a random Tuesday at home?

I define a small change as an easy tweak that takes you from daily grind to daily gratitude. Throwing on that blue dress definitely changed my grind to gratitude.

Are you willing to redefine?

In your shift from grind to gratitude do you see things in a different light?

Does today make you see that this is possible or that is not as it seemed before? Did something surprise you recently that made you rethink your always’ and nevers? That’s redefining in action!

By redefining you open the doors to an abundance of small changes.

Try it.

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