I have noticed a shift at the Lee house. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened so let’s just say 10 days ago. I’ve noticed more smiles, better sleep and an overall feeling of contentment.

We are happy.

For perhaps the first time ever we are extremely happy with our day-to-day life. We’re not obsessing about future plans we are just content exactly where we are.

We are ROCKING IT! Our day-to-day is really sweet. We’re not getting through it. We’re nailing it! And it feels amazing.

I’m not even embarrassed to be bragging like this, because a few weeks ago this wasn’t the case. A few weeks ago you might have caught us saying;

What are we doing wrong?

Ugh! I am soooo tired.

Why is this week so exhausting?

So to see and feel such a dramatic shift in a positive direction makes me feel like a rockstar. Since we are really enjoying this happy little life of ours it only seems wrong to keep what we did a secret.

You want to know what we did? I’ll tell you.

We did what we know. As in what we know works for us. You see this isn’t the first time we’ve been happy in our lives. There have been glimpses of it before. So we sat down and tried to remember what worked for us during those times. Then we combined all of them to make our Ultimate Lee Life.

What works for us in creating a happy life is…

cleaning our apartment….REALLY well.

going to the farmers market.

moving our bodies (ie: gym time and walks with Watson)

eating well. We found recipes, got groceries and started making home cooked meals again.

going outside

going to bed on time.

and hugging. Often. This includes Watson too.

In the last 10 days we’ve tag-teamed our life with the one goal in mind; making it better. For us better means easier, less exhausting and more smile-inducing. I think we succeeded.

Now we’ve changed our tune and are saying things like;

I’m so effing happy!

This was a great idea. We should do this every weekend.

It feels SO GOOD to have that done.  

What works for us won’t necessarily work for you. But I’m guessing you know exactly what works. Don’t fight it. That was our issue before. We knew what worked for our family, but we weren’t doing it. None of the things on our list are that difficult we just needed to start doing them again.

So what works for you? More sleep, exercise or downtime? How about meal planning, laying out your outfits for the week or having date night? Whatever it is do it! And keep doing it. You deserve to rock your day-to-day not just survive it.

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Commit to doing what works by declaring it here today. Share in the comments what works for you and your family. 

It’s up to you to design your life. So get started!

Hey, I'm Katie! I'm an author and daily life designer who teaches millennial women how to approach their daily lives in a way that is sustainable, effective and filled with ease. When I'm not hanging out with my dog Watson, traveling or chilling out with a rerun of Mad Men you can find me interacting with my Break Free From Busy Bootcamp students or sharing daily life strategies for the driven, but busy. Connect with me over on Facebook and Instagram.