“Something’s got to change or I’m going to lose it.”

You’re running late for the third time this week.

There aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything on your to-do list, and it never seems to get any shorter.

You would cry with frustration, but there’s no time.

You’re getting everything done that HAS to get done, but you’re not actually making progress on what matters.

It’s time to break free, friend.

It’s time to interact with your life in a new way.

Break Free From Busy is a 4 week online Bootcamp designed to help go-getters like you dissolve your busyness, get control of our daily schedule and finally enjoy some free time.

Because it’s possible to…

Get to the root of your constant busyness.

Be in control of your schedule.

Get things done without overwhelm.

Have real free time.


But first you’ve got to…

Let go of the stories society has told you for the last decade.

Do different.

Take micro actions.

Believe it’s possible…to be less busy and still do everything you want to do.


So how does an Online Bootcamp work?

I will provide you with a full program guide, in-depth (but short) lessons each week (in addition to a bonus prep week guide), micro action prompts and accountability, live videos and Q&As, and daily motivation.  You will be joining a private Facebook group to share your updates, questions, and progress.

Be a part of this community of go-getters. We’re busy up-and-coming millennials who are ready to break the cycle of overwhelm and support each other in becoming who we want to be and doing what we’re meant to do in this world.

The next round of  Break Free From Busy Bootcamp begins on Monday, September 18th. 

There are limited spots in this Bootcamp so I can give personal attention to each person. Once the Bootcamp is full, I will close the doors until our next round. So, grab your spot today, before they’re all gone!

Register for $199 today!

After you break free from your own busyness…

You’ll do what needs to be done each day without overwhelm.

The voices telling you you’re not doing enough are gone.

You’ll finally have time to do those things that never made the cut in your busy life – read those books, catch up with your dearest friends, or have long, romantic dinners.

You’ll hit the couch at night for some Netflix feeling calm, free and totally on top of things.

You’ll say ‘Yes!’ enthusiastically to things that excite you and no to things that don’t.

Before I signed up for BFFB, I was worried that adding one more thing to my schedule would just make me feel more busy, but it was the best thing I could have done! Katie helped me see that “busyness” is a choice and that I’m in control of how I feel and what I choose to spend my time doing. Now I have structure around my choices and I’m more disciplined and intentional – and ultimately LESS busy!

Annie Kip

4 jam-packed weekly lessons

I’ll teach you the complete background to busy, how to actually break free and what to do after you have. Each lesson comes with audio and video recordings, lesson cheat sheets, and guided practice so you can take action right away.

Lifetime access to the program content

You’ll be able to watch or listen to the lessons as often as you’d like, forever.

Lifetime access to future upgrades and bonuses

As this program grows and evolves you’ll have access to the new stuff… for free!

Group coaching

In our Facebook community and through video messages, live calls and email. You’ll get personal coaching and have all of your questions answered so you can move forward with clarity. This is the next best thing to having me sitting right next to you as you go through this process.

Plus Bonus trainings

Learn from my years of research and personal experiments to skip the headaches and struggle. See the bonuses you’ll receive below.

In 4 weeks together we’ll cover year’s worth of work to fast track your divorce from busy.

Quit being lured in by busy and trapped by overwhelm. Make the choice to drop habits that keep you frazzled, and gain back hours of time in your week to do literally whatever you want.

The next round of  Break Free From Busy Bootcamp begins on Monday, September 18th. 

There are limited spots in this Bootcamp so I can give personal attention to each person. Once the Bootcamp is full, I will close the doors until our next round. So, grab your spot today, before they’re all gone!

Register for $199 today!

Our go-to motto shouldn’t be “just keep swimming”. Sometimes life is nuts, but we forget how much control we have over our schedules. After the very first lesson I was able to look at my schedule and realize that it was completely unsustainable. Now I’m able to get a ton done, but it’s so much more realistic. I want everyone I know to take this… I think everyone needs a little “tough love” with Katie Lee. 🙂

Miranda Johnson

Confidently handle what life (and your boss) throw at you every week without falling behind, stressing out or sacrificing the good stuff.

Week 1 | How to understand what ‘busy’ really means and begin breaking free from it.

  • Define success for yourself so you can stay grounded in your goals.
  • Identify the breakdown of busy in your life.
  • Practice specific actions to lower your overwhelm and busy-making tasks.
  • Learn to identify what unbusy can look like in your life.
  • Uncover the sneaky tricks of busyness.

The first week is full, but I’ll give you reflection questions and reminders to keep you on track.

Week 2 | How to plan your time.

  • Learn the key differences between your to-do list and your calendar so you can start taking control of your time.
  • Meet your biggest patterns in designing a life without busy.
  • Break the #1 bad scheduling habit.

You’ll get a glimpse of your new normal by the end of this week.

Week 3 | How intentionally fill up your days + live your new everyday life.

  • Gather the tools for operating in your unbusy life.
  • Understand why unbusy is so uncomfortable so you don’t sabotage your progress.
  • Learn exactly how to take strategic action on a regular basis.
  • Experience what it’s like to exist in your new normal.

You’re moving forward with gusto and not looking back.

Week 4 | How to choose YOUR life

  • Become aware of the temptations of busyness.
  • See what saying yes really looks like.
  • Learn to use what you’ve already got going for you.
  • Design for yes by learning how to fit in your ideal daily life + dreams with intention + logistics.

Finish up your process and stand firm in your new life.



Bonus 1 | Turn your time into money

Turn your time into money with these 3 methods – that have nothing to do with selling stuff or starting a business.

Bonus 2 | Your Complete 2017 Planning Guide

Plan your entire year like a pro using the exact system I’ve been using and refining for over a decade. Envision your outcomes, decide when you’re going to accomplish them and begin knocking them down one by one.

Bonus 3 | The Get Ahead Guide

This is where I go deep into how to catch up on your backlog of to-dos, and more importantly, how to get ahead. This system does not rely on working longer hours to catch-up. Get ahead and never fall behind again!


I’m Katie Lee – author and daily life designer.

I believe that everyday life doesn’t have to be so dang hard. It can be productive yet feel effortless.

After eight years of intentionally designing my life, my days were productive and effortless.

But I still felt busy and overwhelmed way too often.

I knew I wanted to slow down and get off the treadmill I was on. But all of the books and articles about tackling busyness just talked about being more productive and saying no to more things.

I used research, experimentation and systems to discover the missing answers. I uncovered why so many intelligent, high-achieving people were still trapped in their own busyness despite being eager to learn and willing to make changes.


I tested my discoveries in my own life and then taught it to my students to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. After repeated successful results I’m excited to spread this message and these practical tools to everyone. I’m busting the myth of busy.

As a trained facilitator and curriculum designer my style is to teach the foundations paired with the tangible hows so you can apply them to your specific lifestyle.

That’s what makes this BFFB different. It’s not a one-size fits all program. It will NOT be another course that you buy and don’t finish. This is a bootcamp where we connect daily while I teach you the life skills needed to navigate your busy world. You don’t have to memorize a formula or worry about “getting it right” or “falling off the wagon”.

You will learn these skills once and be able to use them forever with confidence. I know you’re overwhelmed by self-improvement and short on time. BFFB gives you the structure, guidance and daily accountability, so you don’t have to think. And you definitely don’t have to try to figure this out on your own. Let me lead you through this.

You, unbusy, might look like…


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a flexible schedule in order for this to work?
Nope. While flexible schedules are great this program works for a traditional Monday through Friday 9-5 schedule.
When are the classes?
You can watch the lessons at any time, but they are designed for you to watch/listen to at the beginning of each week.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your investment, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
Questions?? Feel free to email us anytime at connect@heykatielee.com

I knew from Katie’s book that I would not be disappointed in this program! After BFFB, I’ve become so conscious of how things suddenly become “more real” once I write them down, especially the obligations and deadlines I impose on myself. I’ve also learned a lot about how to reduce my busyness and stop overscheduling myself. I definitely recommend it!

Ffion E.

After Break Free From Busy I feel so much happier and more relaxed. I love Katie’s simple but powerful approach. I’ve learned to challenge my calendar and todo list and I feel less rushed, less anxious and I actually have free time! I would recommend this program to anyone because being overwhelmed all the time is not healthy.


It’s nice to know that I am not crazy to want to be less busy. I think the world needs a lot more of this message, because it’s so easy to get sucked into the trap of believing that busyness equals worthiness. This program is full of such valuable information that no one ever gives you – but Katie does! I have taken steps towards the life that I actually want because of this, and I can already feel the difference.

Sarah JC

I’d taken many courses that hadn’t helped so I wasn’t expecting much from this program, but if I didn’t do something soon I was going to lose it! Katie was able to cut through my ramblings and figure out exactly what my issues were and then help me to understand what I needed to focus on first. I finally feel like it’s possible to live the life I’ve always dreamed of without it being a constant struggle. Her program is worth the investment!