THIS is your WHOLE life

October 27, 2015
This is your whole life //

  Is it a mantra? A hashtag? A mission? A way of life? No. It’s all of the above. In everything I’ve ever created/written/delivered one message has come up over and over again. So much so that I sometimes feel …Read More

There is no such thing as work/life balance

October 25, 2015
There is no such thing as work/life balance //

  It seems like I can’t open one magazine or women’s website with out seeing some new article about work/life balance. Yes there can be clever tips sometimes, but I think they’re beating a dead horse here. Two things drive …Read More

Small Change: Clear the way for joy

March 17, 2015
Blog Post-2

  As I was sitting on the plane coming home from California I wasn’t the least bit bummed to be heading back to MN. In fact I was itching with excitement. Why? Because it’s March Madness time! Today the first …Read More

Small Change: Create a system for each mode of life

March 10, 2015
Systems for life //

  At the end of our 2-day Lifestyle Design Camp one of our designers asked a really unique question. After talking about how to schedule self-improvement and create routines that support it she asked;   How do you handle a …Read More

Small Change: Define the supportive role

March 2, 2015
Small Change: Define the supportive role //

    When I made the final decision to write my book this year I knew that it would be a major, MAJOR task. I would need to change how I was doing things currently in order to fit in hours …Read More

Small Change: Find your Kryptonite

February 17, 2015
Find the Kryptonite in your Day //

  I’m pretty good at keeping our house clean. Ok, I just lied. I’m terrible at keeping our house clean, but the systems and organization we have in place keep our house tidy. It doesn’t matter how gung ho I …Read More

Small Change: address your behind the scenes

February 10, 2015
How to take time for self-care //

    Well, you’re a good ways into the new year which is about the time you realize things aren’t quite going as planned. {Do they ever?} You had grand intentions even if you didn’t make a resolution and still …Read More

A guide on how to guide your partner

January 23, 2015

During one of the many group discussions we had at the last Lifestyle Design Camp I got a question that I get all the time. It comes in many forms, but it always includes these words. How can I get …Read More

What would happen if you just picked up and left?

January 8, 2015

While we were home for Christmas my in-laws booked plane tickets to Florida on Wednesday and left town Friday. I watched them get their lodging and rental car booked, pack and prepare their year-end business stuff. They left for a week …Read More

Are you willing to redefine?

December 30, 2014

It’s that – sometimes annoying – time of year when all we hear about is if someone is or isn’t making a new year’s resolution. For the record mine is always to be more kind and less judgmental. Just as …Read More